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A few suggestions and tips on submitting new content:

  • You may submit your project in compressed or uncompressed form, but compressed is preferred for larger projects.
  • Only the SGDK2 file should be included in your archive. Feel free to include documentation and license information and such, but do not include the files generated by compiling your project.
  • You can provide a screenshot for your submission after it is submitted (but not during the initial submission process).  Screenshots are encouraged, so review your submission after it's entered and provide a screenshot when possible.
  • ZIP format is the preferred archive format because it is the most widely used.  If your project is large and benefits significantly from using another archive format, 7-ZIP (7z) is the preferred alternative, but rar will also be accepted.
  • If you want to submit binary content (beyond the SGDK2 file), discuss it with the admin first.