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This site will be available for hosting SGDK2 projects and related content.  It's hosted by DreamHost instead of SourceForge for two reasons: 1) Dreamhost doesn't mind hosting closed-source projects, and although I would prefer the projects hosted here provide their source, I don't want to force *all* projects to have to open their source in order to be hosted in the site; 2) Dreamhost has a nice interface for installing and hosting Joomla, and *lots* of web space.

This is actually the second or third time this site has been re-launched due to apparent security issues allowing hackers to disrupt the site beyond repair. Hopefully the current version of Joomla and jDownloads are secure enough that I don't need to launch again. But be aware that some of the strange things you see on this site may be due to the fact that it's hard to put everything back together the way it was. So most of the projects currently listed here are posted by administrator on 2/28 because that's when the site was rebuilt. And I'm not sure the site is ever going to get configured back to a point where it will allow users to register and upload their projects the way I'd like again.

If you have trouble registering an account or uploading a project, or if you see downloads are unavailable or corrupted or spammed, please let me know. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.