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The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal HOT
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I (Ben Marty) was searching the web shortly after releasing Scrolling Game Development Kit version 2.1.3 to see what might be happening with the new version when I stumbled across a page about "The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal".  Apparently Chris Clarke created this project almost "in secrecy" and I had never heard about it until two years later after SGDK2 was upgraded to OpenGL.  I contacted the author and got a copy of the game, played it through and discovered that one of the most complete, enjoyable and unique SGDK2 projects released to date had gone entirely unnoticed on the forums.  So after a little further discussion, I decided to upgrade the project to version 2.1.3 and release it in the project listing.

Play as an "Overgrown Oatmeal" lump up against various strange enemies through a series of a dozen levels of hand-sketched (pencil) graphics.  Find the weapon on each level to defeat the enemies yielding gems for points.

Update: This project has been updated to work with SGDK 2.2.2.


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